British Muslim social and political activist Anjem Choudhary likes to express his radical views on social media excessively. Once a spokesperson of now-proscribed Islam4UK, a radical Islamist terrorist group, to a man who praised those responsible for 9/11 and July 7, 2005 attacks, Choudhary doesn’t enjoy support of mainstream UK Muslims.

Source: Anorak

An ISIS supporter and vocal backer of implementation of Sharia law throughout the UK, Choudhary’s recent tweet about the things Muslims want to ban, according to him, went viral, with not only non-Muslims criticizing and mocking him but also a huge number of Muslims.

While most of the responses to the tweet lacked any sense of respect and dignity one ought to give a religion, there were many sane voices as well.

Islam is a religion of peace and mercy but people like Choudhary hardly talk on those lines. Turning religion into dictatorship on individual will of people will not serve the purpose of making world a better place. Nor will it serve that of Islam.

Feature image source: Business Insider