From snoring next to you to someone making that weird screeching noise that kills your eardrums. We are surrounded by things that truly annoy the F@#$ out of us. Lets take a look at some of them:

1. Weird short hand typing

“Kewl man, I lyk dis”

Source: jokideo

2. When you have cleaned your laptop/tablet screen and someone smudges it with their fingers

“Incase you need my fingerprints, they are all over your screen.”

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3. Using a million hash tags


4. Advice from people who have never been in the same situation

“I’ve been single all my life, but let me give you some relationship advice.”

Source: Lots of humour

5. Burping on the table

“I don’t think you know what I ate. Here’s the smell.”

Source: blogspot

6. Text peekers

They look at your messages while you’re texting; “Ohh, you guys had a fight?”


7. Taking up parking space

Parking diagonally in parallel parking space; “Why should I make parking convenient for others?”

Source: Out blush

8. Whispering too close to your ear

Apart from the secret, here is some saliva for you to keep your ear moist.

Source: World according to maggie

9. Forcing you to like their pics

“Please like my pic, please, I will reach a 100 likes.”

Source: tobysims

10. Bad pee-ing aims

“Why hit the bowl, when I can urinate all over the damn seat?”

Source: Meme crunch

11. Giving the wrong indication while driving

“Haha, they can’t follow me now!”

Source: wordpress

12. Those who don’t take the subway or the foot over bridge to cross the road

“Let me test their driving skills. I wanna see if they can zig-zag well.”

Source: Dubib

13. Some who choose to just stand when the line is moving

“I don’t want to move forward. Why fill the space? I hope this takes more time.”It’s like standing behind a mannequin


14. The over-stuck price tag

“It just wont come off. Now people can know how cheap I am.” or “Shit. They will think I wanted to show off how expensive this is.”

Source: David Micheal Christopher

15. Those who rush into the metro before you can get off

“The gates to heaven may close so lets put this guy through some hell. Now he can’t get off.”

Source: WordPress

16. Not adhering to requests

“Can you please not call me for the next hour I’m busy”2 minutes later: ‘ringgggggg.’

Source: blogspot

17. People who just can’t stop talking about their super awesome/super awful lives

Yes I get it you have problems. Mine is that you talk about it ALL THE TIME!

Source: meme guy

18. Facebook game requests

20 notifications: 18 candy crush and farmville requests.

Source: WordPress

19. Fake accents

“I was in the US for a week, so I picked up their accent and now that I’m in India for the past 5 months, my accent still won’t go away.”

Source: how to prevent acnes

20. Narrating stories that put you to sleep

An introduction that is so long, that you doze of before the climax.

Source: blogspot

21. Drivers on the right lane going slower than slow

“The speed limit is 60 so I will go at 6. Yes it is better to be safe.”

Source: IBN live

22. People who think that only their professions are worthy of praise

“I am a doctor, it isn’t as easy as being a journalist.”

23. Laptop getting extra hot

“I can cook on my thighs and my laptop”


24. The chain message massacre

“If u fwd this to 10000 fraands, you will get gud news. Dnt ignore, u can die.”

Source: Deep dot web

25. Foot draggers

“I am so lazy to pick up my feet, I’ll just drag my leg around and annoy everyone.”


26. Dressing room and bathroom selfies

“I may not buy this dress, but i can surely put a pic on facebook and make people think i have it.”

27. Drain hair

You get that weird puking feeling when your shower drain is clogged hairs.”Did she just shampoo her hair off?”

28. People who give you missed calls expecting you to call back

Why don’t you throw your phone away and get a kabootar instead?

Source: The inquirer

29. Thinking abusing is cool

“Bhai, BC MC BC MC!. Samjha na. BC!”


30. Negative attitude

“You joined that place? No point man. Stupid decision. Don’t follow your dream.”

Source: Science daily

Won’t life be much much better without these things? This list is endless. Let us know what other things you would have wanted to see up here.

This article has been inspired by a post on Quora