After clashes between local and non-local students at NIT Srinagar following India’s loss to West Indies in a cricket match, protesting students were lathicharged by the police on Tuesday. This move has only worsened the already tense situation on the campus. 

The situation at NIT Srinagar had been tense after local students and students from other states clashed, and while there were demands from action against students who celebrated India’s loss, the non-local students wanted to leave the campus saying that they did not feel secure on the campus, The Indian Express reported.

The students were protesting and trying to leave the campus, while security personnel at NIT tried to reassure the students that they were safe inside the campus. The students were not pacified, and according to police they resorted to sloganeering and pushed the head of the security deployment.

The official then said that police resorted to using batons against students who were allegedly getting violent. Authorities said that the situation was brought under control soon afterwards, The Times Of India reported.

Meanwhile the HRD Ministry said that they were in contact with management at NIT Srinagar, and have spoken to the students to ease tensions.