Global warming isn’t a myth unlike what many powerful figures of the world believe. 

If you just don’t care yet, wait, this news will make you stand up and take notice.

According to BBC, an iceberg in Antarctica, containing around 315 billion tonnes of ice and measuring 1,636 square kilometres has broken off the Amery Ice Shelf. 

Named D28, this is the biggest iceberg to break off in more than 50 years. 

Due to the vast size of the iceberg, it will have to be monitored and tracked continuously, as it could pose a threat to ships and shipping routes. 

Apparently, it is as big as the Isle of Skye in Scotland. 


What makes it all so scary is the fact that Emery Shelf is the third-largest ice-shelf in Antarctica, and is an extension of a number of glaciers that flow from the land into the sea.

Professor Helen Fricker, from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told BBC News

I am excited to see this calving event after all these years. We knew it would happen eventually, but just to keep us all on our toes, it is not exactly where we expected it to be. 

Despite predicting the turn of similar events back in 2002, Fricker is surprised and has stressed on climate change to be one of the leading reasons of losing ice on such an unprecedented rate. 


Although the current scenario is not entirely scary, it is possible that the loss of such a big berg will change the stress geometry across the front of the ice shelf. 

This can eventually cause the entire area to lose its stability. 

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Iceberg D28’s name was created by a classification system from the US National Ice Center, which sees the Antarctic divided into quadrants.

The D28 quadrant, sadly, in a few years will break apart and melt completely.