The consequences of the nation-wide protests against the CAA and NRC have been severe. There’s been widespread violence and several instances of police brutality, the unfortunate byproduct of which has been a high death toll.

According to The Times of India, with 9 people dying during clashes on Saturday, the casualties of these protests has risen to 23.

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Uttar Pradesh state police spokesman Pravin Kumar confirmed the number and said that most of the victims were young people. However, he denied the police were responsible for the deaths.

He also added, 

Some of them died of bullet injuries, but these injuries are not because of police fire. The police have used only tear gas to scare away the agitating mob.

Around a dozen vehicles were set on fire amid protests in the districts of Rampur, Sambhal, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor and Kanpur. The CAA and NRC have come under harsh criticism from a sizeable portion of the population, and protests against them show no sign of slowing down.