Masaan was arguably one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2015.

However, one person was dead against Hotstar featuring the film on their website.

The film’s producer Anurag Kashyap himself.

Apparently, Kashyap was miffed with the fact that Hotstar was playing an edited version of the film.

Hence, he advised people to download the movie via torrents instead.

Sir, ek toh aapki films waise bhi badi mushkil se release ho paati hai. Upar se yeh advice?


To top it all, when people asked whether the film was available on Netflix, another person asked them not to spend money on Netflix.

Film’s writer Varun Grover.

What’s more, he even told people the original runtime of the film lest they downloaded a bad print.

How sweet!

One official from Hotstar even replied to Anurag Kashyap saying they don’t edit films at Hotstar. But soon deleted the tweet.

Thankfully, Varun Grover was quick to take a screenshot and share it with the aam junta.

Quick like a fox.

Finally, the film’s director Neeraj Ghaywan emerged on the scene and surprisingly, even he urged people to NOT watch the film on Hotstar.

Has censorship reached the digital platform now?