Since the nation has gone under lockdown, many animals have been reclaiming spaces which initially belonged to them.

Turtles, flamingos, peacocks – all have come out to enjoy this time when no humans can be seen at public places. And turns out, this exposure has also resulted in them learning new skills.

 Like this monkey who can be seen flying a kite amazingly well. So well, it’s kinda unsettling.

In the video shared by IFS Susanta Nanda, the monkey can be seen pulling the string of the kite, which stays in air for a good amount of time.

After that he pulls the kite towards him and gets hold of it, as people cheer in the background. 

The video has been watched over 14k times by people amused at the sight of an animal managing to do something like this.

Some people pointed out that the monkey, in all probability, got hold of a slashed string flying in the air. That could be possible – but anyone who has tried to flay a kite, knows how difficult even that is.

Please give due credit to the animal.