We all are aware of some of the basic symptoms of covid-19. They range from a high fever, a dry cough to breathlessness and tiredness, etc. But you may add one more symptom to this list.  


The French National Union of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV) revealed that there are certain dermatological symptoms of coronavirus as well. Things like minor frost bites, hives on the skin, constant redness are all also meant to be related to the coronavirus. 


This symptom was also reported on the French Newspaper Le Figaro, cautioning the people. The SNDV is the largest dermatological association in France, and counts 1,720 independent and hospital dermatologists among its members. 


The SNDV had also organized a whatsapp discussion with over 400 professionals who are either associated with the private sector or work for the public healthcare system in France. 

They talked about whether the skin issues are indeed a cause for concern in relation to covid-19 or not.  


They concluded that many cases reported to the SNDV showed that the manifestation of these skin issues can be associated with the novel coronavirus. The patients were advised to consult their doctors in case of any such symptom.  


The Director-General of Health, Jerome Saloman said that there wasn’t any scientific study that could back up this new finding but definitely is one of the things to be careful of.  

Recently, there have been many different signs that are coming up that could potentially classify as one of the covid-19 symptoms. These include diarrhea, difficulty in digestion and now, skin rashes. 


Since the findings are relatively new and are bound to develop or change, we have to watch out for any and everything.