It requires a big heart and immense dedication to do what the healthcare and other civic workers are doing for their fellow beings amid this pandemic.

The least that we can do for them is show some respect and let them do their duty.

India Today

But it breaks my heart to see instances like this…

… and this…

India Today

… especially, just a few days after the entire nation gathered in their balconies, clapping, to show their gratitude to those working despite the coronavirus outbreak.

What has changed in the past few days that we are now attacking and harrassing the same people we once applauded?

We were in fear and panic then, we are scared even now. Our doctors and nurses were working day in, day out then, they are doing that even now.

The Week

The only thing that has changed is the number of COVID-19 cases. They have only risen. This implies that we need to be more careful and cooperate with the authorities who are working towards containing the disease.

But these instances of attacks on doctors and police officers from across the country indicate otherwise.

It is just disgusting to see doctors on duty being attacked.

Healthcare professionals are already gripped by the fear of contracting the disease while treating patients in hospital. The situation is such that they are constantly under mental stress and fatigue.

Add to it, the physical attacks that are happening right now, while they are on duty.

Is it even justified on our part to expect them to work in such an atmosphere?

Following these attacks, doctors across the country are asking for increased protection and it is putting the entire nation to shame.

The same nation that left no stone unturned in thanking the doctors for doing an exemplary job.

Just yesterday, two police officers got injured in Muzaffarnagar, UP after they were attacked by a group of people violating the lockdown.

Similar incidents were reported from other states too.

Their fault? They were trying to enforce the lockdown.


Have we forgotten that these people are risking their lives to save ours?

Have we forgotten that they are working relentlessly for us?

Have we forgotten that we made them feel special just a few days ago?


We are fighting a tough battle and the path ahead would be very difficult if we try to harm those leading the way.