Apple and Google are two tech giants who, with their flagship app stores, hold an enormous amount of power over the gaming industry. Now, one company is challenging their command and asking for change after a pretty severe move by the two.

Apple and Google both removed the immensely popular game Fortnite from their app stores, citing a violation of their in-app payment guidelines. Now, the makers of Fortnite – Epic Games – are taking legal action.

The removal came about after Fortnite sidestepped the in-app payment system and heavy charges of the 2 app stores, encouraging users to pay the gaming company directly.


In response, Epic Games will be initiating legal proceedings, and they even made a spoof video calling on supporters to join the fight against the duopoly of Apple and Google.

According to The Guardian, Epic stated that, 

Apple’s removal of Fortnite is yet another example of Apple flexing its enormous power in order to impose unreasonable restraints and unlawfully maintain its 100% monopoly over the iOS in-app payment processing market.

It looks like there’s a massive clash of the titans brewing in the tech and gaming world. Let’s see how this plays out!