In an ideal scenario, my dad would have called me today, asking me to check the main door. 

I’d have told him that I know he is kidding.

He would have scolded me for not being obedient.

I would have gone. And he would have said paagal ban gayi? 

It’s a ritual. Father does this every year. 


This time he didn’t, though. You know why? Because our lives have become a joke.

Seriously, at this point it would be very relieving to have someone jump from the bushes to tell us that we have been pranked. 

I’d happily wave towards the camera I swear.


Because this can’t be real. 

From bushfires to plane crashes to now a pandemic – the last 3 months have turned our lives upside down, and one thinks how this could even be happening.

It feels like we are all in Final Destination and no one knows how things will end for them. 


Will it be from sneezing? Will it be from coughing? Will it be from anxiety?

Will it be something completely new?

Who knows?

Every time we give ourselves a pep talk, things turn even more serious.

Every time we sleep saying ‘things will be better tomorrow’, they become worse.

We thought Australian Fires were bad. We read, tweeted about them. And just when things had begun to go back to normal – fucking coronavirus started.

So now that coronavirus is in full swing, one tends to worry about what’s coming next. Especially when one has a plenty of free time at their disposal.

I don’t know who wrote the script for 2020, but whoever it was – we got your point, you win the best prank award, this is your day.

Let us go now, please.