Andhra Pradesh’s new hi-tech Legislative Assembly building, which has just completed, boasts of several new features including fixed microphones and a higher podium for the Speaker. 

AP is all set to commence with the upcoming Budget session on March 3.

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But before that, let’s take a look at all the new features of the new AP Assembly:

  • The new assembly, built at Velagapudi in Amaravati, has been designed by Shahpoorji Pallonji, Hindustan Times reported. 
  • It is fitted with ultra-modern audio systems from Germany. Adjustable microphones have replaced stationary ones which are permanently affixed to the benches of members in the assembly, to prevent them from pulling the mikes out. 
  • Members do not need to fix the microphone as they stand up to speak as the mikes are made of superior technology and will catch even faint sounds. 
  • According to an earlier report in Times of India, The German microphones would be controlled via wi-fi by the Speaker. Therefore a particular microphone can only be used by a member during a session when the Speaker allows them to speak. 
  • The Well of the Assembly has been made smaller to prevent querulous, large gatherings of angry ministers in the Well during Opposition protests inside the House.
  • The Speaker’s podium has been moved further away from the Well to avoid incidences of assembly members storming the podium. 
  • The lawmakers’ hall is on the ground floor with 225 seats. 
b’Agitating politicians inside the Tamil Nadu assembly last week | Source: PTIxc2xa0′

Screaming matches on the assembly floor is a common site in India, but the number of incidences have been fairly frequent in past year. 

In September last year, the three-day Monsoon session of the assembly was disrupted after opposition members belonging to YSR Congress agitated in the assembly and uprooted gear such as microphones and cameras. The brawl was over the issue of ‘Special category’ status. 

More recently, members in the house broke chairs and wreaked havoc during the vote of trust in Tamil Nadu assembly between the then CM candidate EK Palanswamy and O Panneerselvam. 

With these measures, architects of the new AP Assembly have sought to take care of some of technical aspects of the building that would naturally curb such agitations on the assembly floor. 

Feature Image Source: PTI (Representational)