Aquila, a restaurant in New Delhi, has been in news for an unfortunate event. As per a video doing rounds on the internet, a customer named Anita Choudaary was denied entry by the restaurant staff for wearing a saree as it did not qualify as a “smart casual” attire. 

In the video shared by Anita, an employee can be witnessed saying the same.

Anita’s post was accompanied with the caption, “In one of the restaurants in Delhi, saree is not considered to be a smart outfit. The restaurant’s name is Aquila. We argued over saree, and a lot of excuses were made, but I was not allowed to enter the restaurant, because the Indian attire – saree is not a smart outfit (sic)”.

Following this, there was a strong reaction to the video from people, and here are some of the opinions.

Seeing the matter escalate, the restaurant authorities released a statement stating that the guest tried to create a nuisance as she was asked to wait for a seat to be vacated.

In the post, which also has the video of the incident, they accused the said guest of assaulting one of the managers, while adding:

To tackle the situation and request the guest to leave, one of our gate managers made a statement on sarees not being a part of our smart casual dress code, and our whole team apologises for the same.

They also shared photos of other guests visiting the restaurant in sarees, as a proof that there is no policy against the attire.

This is a developing story and we will update it with new information as and when it arrives.