Gone are the days when the toys of rich Arab boys were limited to cars and gadgets, because the money game has achieved a whole new proportion. 

Meet Humaid AlBuQaish who lives in the United Arab Emirates and has a collection of exotic ‘pets’ like tigers and lions.

This is strange.

Oh, it’s just a cheetah posing casually in front of a super-expensive luxury car.

More big cats and fancy cars.

Nothing screams money like a loris in a car.

What is that cute cat-dog or bear-cat!?


Oh look, a happy chimp.

Is this even legal?

He’s stacking up turtles like pittu for godssake!

Just a quick nap on his living lioness cushion.

This is like the ultimate status symbol.

‘Here kitty, kitty…’

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

هلا بالعيال 😉😉😉😉😉😉 @amazonpet

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All images sourced from Instagram.