One upon a time we trusted our news channels and their content. We watched news to know what is happening in the world.

Source: Quora

While we watch news for the same reason now, Indian media is somehow failing to deliver what they are supposed to and have become a comedy circus.

Amid all that's going on in the nation, it seems that news reporters have gone crazy for content.

So much so that they grilled a postman outside Kangana Ranaut's office in Mumbai not caring even a bit who that person actually was.

Before the poor fellow could tell them that he is a postman, the reporters kept on asking:

Kyun toda? Kangana ne kya kiya tha?

While the video has given content to laugh, netizens are saddened to see the state of affairs of Indian media.

I think we've seen it all. And all I can say is: Please don't kill the messenger.