Time and again, Ariel has urged us to rethink predefined gender roles, and move toward a gender neutral society. Their #ShareTheLoad campaign is a shining example of this philosophy. From their collaboration with Masaba Gupta to their advertisement about the role of parenting in making and breaking gender stereotypes, they have always done remarkable work. 

If you haven’t seen the aforementioned ad, take a moment to watch it. 

his year, they have put an interesting spin in the campaign with their new ShareTheLoad pack. This pack drives further the point that laundry is not just a woman’s job.

Actor Irrfan Khan partnered with Ariel India to launch the new Ariel Matic which takes inspiration from the much-needed and fairly successful Odd-Even Formula. Just like we drive odd-numbered cars on odd days and even-numbered cars on even days, they are urging us to use their new pack according to the date. Even days for her, and odd days for him. Now, THAT’s what it really means to “Share The Load.”

It’s always heartening to see when a brand takes a positive stance on a pertinent social issue. 

You go, Ariel. More power to you!