The loss of a loved one never comes easy for anyone, no matter how strong the person is. But we can only imagine what army wives go through, day in and day out, with their husbands living under dangerous circumstances on an everyday basis. 

The spirit of army wives can be described by this funeral picture alone.


The woman who is walking up in the uniform is Major Kumud Dogra, with her five-day-old baby, who lost her husband Wing Commander D Vats in a micro-light aircraft crash in Assam recently. 

The tragic accident that happened in Majuli island on February 15 took the lives of two pilots of Indian Air Force.

An official told the Indian Express:

The micro-light aircraft crashed soon after it took off from the Jorhat air base on a routine sortie around noon. The wreckage of the plane has been sighted and a court of inquiry ordered

The grief is unimaginable for Major Kumud Dogra as her daughter did not even get a chance to see her brave father.


As the picture was shared on social media, people couldn’t resist posting messages saluting the officer for her courage, which is surely giving out a strong message for every Indian citizen.

So much respect for you, officer!