Last year, Delhi University student Gurmeher Kaur featured in a silent video by Ram Subramaniam, an ad filmmaker who runs a Facebook page called ‘Voice of Ram’.

Kaur used a series of placards to tell her story of how her mother taught her not to hate, how it was war and not Pakistan that killed her father.

The video began by Kaur saying that her father was killed in the 1999 Kargil war.

While there is no doubt that Captain Mandeep Singh fought for the Indian Army and died in battle, the facts given by Kaur in the video may not be exactly true. 

As per an Indian Express report, Capt Singh was commissioned in the 49 Army Air Defence Regiment in 1991 and was serving with the 4 Rashtriya Rifles battalion in 1999. He died in an attack by militants that took place sometime after midnight of August 6, 1999, in village Chak Nutnusa in Kupwara district.

The Battle Casualty Report of Capt Singh, as per IE, states:

“Capt Mandeep Singh was commander of the company which came under anti-national elements’ fire assault on the post. During encounter at approximately 1.15 am on August 6, 1999, he received splinter injury on left infraclavicular region and was declared dead on the spot.” 

Was it not the Kargil war then?

The Kargil war was fought in May-July 1999 between India and Pakistan in Kargil, Ladakh, which is some 170 kilometres away from Kupwara. The war was officially declared closed on July 26, 1999, almost two weeks before Captain Singh lost his life. 

It may be Kargil after all

While it may seem that his death may not be linked to Kargil, a user has pointed out that technically, it still comes under the Kargil operations

It shouldn’t really matter whether Capt Singh was martyred in the Kargil war or not. But a section of social media is brutally attacking Gurmeher Kaur for “lying”.

And as one can see, it’s doing no good to the soldier’s memories or martyrdom.