Arnab Goswami, no stranger to headlines, has courted controversy again. He’s now come out with a video on Republic’s Twitter making some truly serious accusations against Congress and in particular, Sonia Gandhi.

Arnab claims that while driving back with his wife from the studio at night yesterday, his car was accosted by goons who tried to break the windows and attack them. 

Arnab says he managed to drive off, and his personal security caught the biker goons. According to Arnab, the attackers claimed they were Youth Congress workers who had been sent by their higher-ups.

I want to tell you Sonia Gandhi, you are the biggest coward in the country right now. You have no guts to face me.

He goes on to blame Sonia Gandhi, claiming this is retaliation for the ‘tough questions’ he asked her. He then says that if anything happens to him, Sonia Gandhi should be blamed. 

After this, he says he will register a complaint at the police station.

Two people have been arrested since the incident.

Further updates to the story are awaited.