Twitter world was taken by storm when the Twitterati got to know that Times Now editor-in-chief and news anchor Arnab Goswami joined the popular social media platform on Wednesday.


#TwitterMeetsArnab started trending at the top and in a very small span of time that account received a thumping number of followers, almost 44,000.

Only, the account does not belong to Arnab.

#TwitterMeetsArnab was a smart marketing move to promote Arnab Goswami’s meeting with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. Amid a flurry of online activity, a tweet declared that Arnab had in fact not joined Twitter and the account was a fake one.

A minor difference in the name spelling was soon discovered. The name is spelled with an l instead of an I at the end of the name, cleverly written as ARNAB GOSWAM’l’.

Later the account holder updated his profile and wrote, “Not Arnab Goswami”. A tweet was also sent out, “44,222+1 apologies. Sorry guys. I made you all fool. Now should I delete me. Plz advice . Okay, deleting in 15 minutes.”

The account still exists.

The nation indeed needs to know who is this fake Arnab?

Feature image source: Scroll