If you have been following news on Twitter (where else are you going to follow it anyway), you know that India is currently debating the TRP row. Which, for those who are not fully aware, involves many news channels being accused of rigging the TRPs.

And one of them happens to be Republic TV. Naturally, this has become an extremely controversial matter for the channel’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami (even by his standards). But what we are looking at here, is something different. 

In a clip that is doing rounds on social media, an India Today reporter can be seen banging on Arnab Goswami’s car, repeatedly asking him to answer his questions.

He gets quite passionate as rage takes over him and he stands in front of the slowly moving car, only to be pushed aside by the policemen.

Now, I’ll give you nothing to tell me where you have seen this kind of reporting before. Take your time. Take more time. Yes? ON REPUBLIC TV!! 

And Arnab being asked for answers by a shouting journalist brings things to a full circle. I mean, we all remember the kahan ho Salman rant, and a hundred others like it.

Anyway, reactions have been pouring in on the video and here are some of them. 

‘Circus’ is the only way to describe this.