Earlier yesterday, taking a stand for the rising tension on the Indo-China border, the Indian government banned the use of 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, Romwe, Shien, Clean Master, to name a few. 

The Economic Times

While Netizens are still debating if blocking the use of a few apps is a good enough retaliation for the strained territorial aggression, TV anchor Arnab Goswami saw this step as: 

The sheer suddenness of the move, the unexpected nature of the move, the unpredictability of the move. 

While Mr. Goswami was live- on-air ‘reporting’ the ban, he had a theatrical monologue treating the news as a huge victory for the nation.  

After the “journalist” got done with his impassionate commentary, Netzine went all  ‘Wah Arnab-Ji Wah’ with all their sarcasm, saltines and savageness: 

As we write this, according to various reports, satellite images show that China has intruded 424 m into the Indian territory’s Galwan religion. 


Maybe it’s time for this ‘journalist’ to stop getting distracted and focus on the real issues.