What can be worse than being unable to have alcohol in this lockdown? Knowing that lakhs of litres of beer is going down the drain.

According to a report by TOI, around 50 microbreweries in Delhi NCR are forced to dump thousands of litres of fresh beer amid lockdown.

Financial Express

These breweries were filled to their capacity when a nationwide lockdown was first announced 4 weeks ago. Since then they had been maintaining the stocks but as per reports, unlike bottled beer, fresh beer has a short shelf life.

Also, the cost of keeping it fresh is adding to the losses of the brewery owners as they need to maintain and monitor it at a specific temperature.

With uncertainty looming over further extension of the lockdown and no option of home delivery brewery owners are left with no other choice than to dump the beer. They also believe that it will take a lot of time for people to come to bars.

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Bata do which drain, I’m gonna go search there.