If you have been following the news since the lockdown started on the 25th of March, then you have seen Chennai policeman Rajesh Babu wearing a helmet with weird spikes, a representation of the coronavirus.


The helmet was made by a local artist B Gowtham, who had given it to Rajesh Babu of Villivakkam V1 police station to raise awareness among people roaming on the streets despite the lockdown. 

Speaking to Scroll, he said that he’s prepared a coronavirus warrior package as everyone has to be a warrior to fight coronavirus. 


The mace he’s created is supposed to keep people away at  one-metre distance and the shield is just supposed to protect yourself. 

However, Gowtham isn’t impressed by Bengaluru Police doing skits to keep people out of the streets. He says that the purpose is to educate, not entertain. 

Gowtham is a 27-year-old mechanical engineer who has now dedicated  his life to commercial art and has been using his skills to raise awareness about the environment. 

This article and all information within have been sourced from Scroll