How often have you seen ordinary people being photographed or made a part of a piece of art? Be it paintings or sculptures, it’s mostly the famous personalities stealing the limelight.

But Karan Acharya, a graphic artist, is doing something different. He takes requests from common people and turns their pictures into whatever they wish.


And while his work always garners appreciation, this time around a particular piece of art created by him has broken all records of virality.

Here, it is.

Chances are that you must have seen this picture on the Internet, but not all of us know the truth – that he converted a simple picture of a family of 3 into Lord Krishna’s family.

The picture not only received a lot of love on Twitter but was also shared widely on Reddit.

Karan Acharya is the same artist who made the iconic Rudra Hanuman poster previously in 2015.


Popular for turning ordinary photos into mythical or historical figures, Acharya regularly shares his work on Twitter.

You can see more of his work on Twitter and Instagram.