It’s the most popular Aam Aadmi’s birthday today. And a tech savvy God wished him, no less.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal turns 47 today. Happy Birthday. Believe us, there’s no conspiracy here. Neither from Delhi Police, media, nor from opposition.

He’s not an angel who descended from heaven to sweep clean politics in the country. After all, angels can be anything but politicians.

We guess Kejri’s birthday gift list would look somewhat like this — Give me Delhi Police; Make my advertisements mandatory on every channel, and for free; Give broom the status of national symbol; Make mufflers a part of official dress code; and make bargaining with auto-rickshawallas a punishable offence.

Leaving political frictions aside Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the first to greet Dellhi CM.

And Kejriwal thanked PM for wishing him, but even his ‘thank you’ was laced with politics.

Twitter had its share of birthday wishes for Kejriwal too.

Feature image source: Jagran Post