The results are out on the monumental referendum that took place in the United Kingdom, and Brexit is happening. 

With many claiming that the historic decision will change the course of world politics and international relations, here are some of the lighter observations about the decision. And on Twitter they covered everything from the US, colonialism, economics, xenophobia and Hrithik Roshan to make a point about it. 

b’Source: Reuters’

Surprisingly, from the famous to the not so famous, everyone has something to say: 

The voices of reason: 

Britain’s Colonial history provided some fodder for humour:

In fact, history jokes were a favourite on this occasion:

Then there were the political tweets :

The economic aspect of the fallout was not left out either:

Americans were only too pleased for this break from all the Donald Trump tweets: 

And then there were these: 

And then, there was this guy..

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