Remember all those jokes about the time Rahul Gandhi was caught snoozing in Parliament? Well, just to reaffirm how dull Parliament can be at times, PM Narendra Modi was caught catching up on some sleep as Home Minister Rajnath Singh droned on and on about Dr BR Ambedkar, secularism, tolerance and the Constitution.

So it really came as no surprise that #PMJetLag came into being :

Even the Congress tried to capitalise on it:

Some had camera jokes ready:

Others had their travel jokes ready:

However, don’t worry Mr PM, we’ve got your back. Claiming to work the hours you do can be hard and you have to catch up on your sleep. Even we struggled to keep our eyes open through the debate and no matter what, you’re still not as bad as this guy:

Former PM HD Deve Gowda. Source: PTI