Considering the fact, that you are living in the age of Windows 10, let us get you started about this video that you absolutely must watch. There is nothing in here that you do not know. And yet the promotional video of Windows 95 starring Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston telling us the following things is one you must watch! In this video Rachel and Chandler figure:

1. How to find a file2. How to create a file3. How to create shortcuts 4. How to rename files 5. How to restore a file from Recycle Bin 6. Another ‘exciting game’ named Pinball

Perry and Aniston find it extremely fascinating that Windows 95 can allow opening of several files and listen to music simultaneously. They call it multi-tasking. Cute!

The video is nearly an hour long, but for the first half an hour it is quite a comical introduction to the Windows 95 software. Go get nerdy with Rachel and Chandler 90s style.

So no one told you Windows is gonna change this way, Your job is better, it’s faster, and now 95’s almost DOA…