As India overtakes Spain to become the fifth worst-hit country in the world, panic over this pandemic is resulting in unusual superstitions in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar. 

According to reports, a section of locals in the said states have started worshipping the virus as a ‘goddess’ and performing ‘Corona Devi’ or ‘Corona Mai’ Pujas to ward of coronavirus.  

India Today

These pujas are mostly performed by women where the organizers are also hiring priests to put an end to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. After the rituals are over, women offer sweets, hibiscus flowers and sugary drinks to the ‘goddess’.   

Twitterati is amused to see people go through with such superstition when the entire world is fighting against the pandemic. 

Not only were the norms of social distancing violated during such events but most of these women were not even wearing masks.