As India battles against the deadly second wave of Covid-19, stories of human sufferings continue to surface on social media.


But, amidst the grim news that has become part of our daily lives, instances of strangers coming together to lend a helping hand have also surfaced online. 

Like this story of Asad Ashraf’s friendship with Anis bhai. 


Journalist Asad Ashraf took to Twittter to share his story of how, while looking for a ride to juggle between the two different hospitals housing his mother and father, respectively, he found more than a driver – he found a friend and a shoulder to cry on in auto driver Anis. 

When Ashraf, unfortunately, lost his father, it was Anis who stood by him. And it was Anis who continued to accompany him, daily, as he went around searching for medical supplies, including oxygen, for his mother. As Ashraf puts it, Anis’ auto was his “mother’s lifeline”. 

Anis’ kindness turned him from a stranger to someone Ashraf today refers to as a friend forever. And Ashraf’s story helped Anis get donations worth ₹30,000 from anonymous sources. 

Many people took to Twitter to celebrate Anis bhai and his kindness:

It is stories like these that remind us, when it comes down to it, humanity is the only religion that matters.