Ashraf Chaudhary used to fix bats for cricketers. From Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli, he has fixed bats for quite a few big names. 

But recently, his health has taken a toll and is admitted to a hospital in Mumbai where he is being treated for kidney stone along with other issues.

Indian Express

Ashraf is out of a job as the pandemic has not spared his business.

Reportedly, Prashant Jethmalani who knows Ashraf for the past 15 years is trying to help raise money for his treatment. He commented that: 

His situation is not good. There was some kidney stone-related problem, which has resurfaced again and there are other complications too. The lockdown means his business took a major hit as cricket has completely come to standstill in the city. He doesn’t have funds; whatever he has, it’s over.
Indian Express

Prashant further added that they were able to raise two lakh rupees but they would require more funds to take care of his basic needs. 

The lockdown has hit his finances while making it difficult for his family shop to function. His employees have gone back to their hometowns and only two months ago, Ashraf’s elder brother passed away. 

Prashant shared that Ashraf will be out of work as the IPL is taking place outside the country. Many players still owe him money but he hasn’t even once asked them to pay his fees.

Prashant also said that it’s time for the cricketers to do their bit to help out Ashraf in his time of need.