In what could have been an interesting twist in the Game of Thrones finale, former Aam Aadmi Party member Ashutosh has declared Jon Snow to be the fastest English bowler of 2020.

*What can one say, we are all missing cricket. Feelings are catching up now.*

Ashutosh was a part of a debate panel on Republic News (surprise), and he was having a heated argument with scientist Anand Ranganathan who called him Jon Snow because ‘Ashutosh knows even less than Jon Snow; and Jon Snow knows nothing’ (nice touch).

That made Ashutosh very angry and he decided to respond. With full confidence he went:

See, he forgot that Jon Snow was the fastest bowler of England till 2020.

Which obviously led to a lot of laughs and the scientist holding his head in disbelief.

Much like Twitter itself.

In all fairness, there is an English bowler named John Snow; but he played in the 70s and is almost 80 years old now.

Even Jofra Archer couldn’t have predicted this!