On one side, the country is rallying to punish the accused for kidnapping, gang-raping and then, murdering an 8-year-old child. 

I dare you to say you’re a proud Indian without flinching after reading this! 

On the other side, the invisible pedophile is hiding behind a screen, sheepishly typing in the child’s name on a search bar. But, this isn’t the Google search bar. 

Adult websites have turned the heinous crimes against an 8-year-old into a thrill-seeking top trend.  


We have this Reddit thread to thank for bringing this utterly shameful fact to light. 

That’s all that she has become to a disgusting community seeking ‘physical pleasure’ from imagery that shows the brutal torture and defiling of a little child! The thread also features a few Reddit users who are trying to justify that the name is ‘merely’ being used to drive SEO to the website. “SEO 101”, one user deemed it. 

Since when did crimes against a child become a means to boost traffic for sexual content?! But, yes, we are JUST THAT FUCKED UP! 

A child is sexually abused every 15 minutes in India, according to National Crime Records Bureau report of 2017

And the abuser is a thrill-seeker who gets pleasure out of offending a child. That’s the kind of fucked up world we now live in. 

In 2016, alone, the NCRB recorded 106,958 cases of crimes against children. 36,022 of these were sexual offenses against these kids. The report goes on to record how sexual crimes against children are also being recorded for pornographic purposes. 

This pornographic content has become business for perverts online who don’t seem to understand the difference between pleasure and violence, anymore. This is a child we’re talking about! An 8-year-old child who didn’t even properly understand concepts of good and evil.

A child who is no longer alive because of the lasciviousness of a few so-called “men”. At this point, you don’t even call them human! 

While people around the country cowered and shuddered in their skins as they read the horrific events of the crime from the Kathua rape case charge sheet, there were those who sought out voyeuristic pleasures from the visuals of the events on pornographic websites just so that they could ejaculate! 

I really hope you’re as disgusted as I am! Because as much as it pains me to say what I’m about to say, it needs to be said.


The child continues to be raped over and over again in millions of perverted minds. It doesn’t ever stop. 

While we organise candle-light vigils and march for justice, an 8-year-old is being brutally gang-raped and murdered in the minds of individuals to satisfy their fucked up sense of manhood! 

You know what’s worse? That 80 out of 100 times, these monsters wear the mask of family members and neighbours, as a mental health expert, Avdesh Sharma points out in an interview

While an innocent child smiles at them in pure affection, expecting to feel safe in their presence, these individuals are planning out their forms of torture in their heads to resort to mental satisfaction. 

b’Indian Express’
“Men moving in this barbarous path are gravely damaged and need a correctional course in life at the earliest.”

says Criminal Psychologist, Anuja Kapur. 

“They feel no sympathy and sorrow while carrying out such heinous crimes with such little children who have just only opened their eyes to the world.”

Psychiatrists call them pedophiles, I call them monsters. There should be no excuse or garb for such scumbags to hide behind. 

The sale of “rape videos” is an actual business on a steady rise in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in India. 

What does that tell you about the extent of perversion of these creatures? And moreover, how far does this go? Where does it stop if even little children are not being spared from this? 

b’Kashmir Essence’

They aren’t pedophiles. They aren’t human. They are predators. And they aren’t limited to the prime accused men in this case. They extend to every sick individual who treats a child as an object. 

How many of these consumers would be parents? How many would have friends, relatives, and neighbours who have kids? And how safe are these kids?

And nothing is being done about it. Because while it’s easier for us to point out the faces of Sanji Ram, Mannu, and Deepak Khajuria; we cannot pinpoint the faces of the millions of porn website users who are defiling a dead child’s memory. 

b’India Sabah’

Fuck the system and the justice we’re fighting for. We’ve already lost the cause to the darkness. 

In a land of about 1.3 billion people, some 400 million children are at risk of being snatched of their innocence. 

And we can’t even do anything about it because it’s not just happening in the real, tangible space where we can hope to punish the culprits. It’s happening in the digital, intangible space where everyone is wearing an invisible mask. 

This is how the world ends – with the death of our conscience, humanity and the perversion of innocence!

Proud of ‘being human’, aren’t we?!