There are no words to explain what our health workers are going through in these crucial times. They are the true warriors who are working relentlessly to fight against the novel coronavirus. 

Recently, a picture of a nurse resting on the floor wearing a PPE kit went viral on the internet from Assam’s Khanapara COVID-19 Care Centre.

This picture is proof of their sheer dedication and hard work. The picture was re-tweeted on Twitter by Assam Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma

Twitter user, Ron Bikash Gaurav who originally shared the post stated that the temperature in Guwahati is around 32 degree celsius, so one can imagine the pain they are going through.

For them, long-working hours, lack of rest and sleep, has become the ‘new normal’ but, they have no complaints.

After seeing this picture, even Twitter users couldn’t stop themselves from thanking and appreciating our health workers. 

We can’t thank them enough for their efforts and their commitment and it’s heartwarming to see them going through all this inconvenience just to save our lives. Hats off to them!