Time and again, people of Assam have proved that it is possible to bring about development without government help and support.

More than 7,000 people from 10 villages of Assam came together to fund the construction of a wooden bridge on River Jaljali.

According to a report by India Today, they spent ₹1 crore from their own pockets to accomplish this task.

For decades, the residents of nearby villages had been urging the government to build a bridge on the river. Being a flood-prone area, people used to face several challenges in commutation while crossing the river.


When nothing was done by the government, they took it upon themselves to build a bridge. The construction work that began in 2018, got completed only recently.

Assam has a difficult terrain. This makes it challenging for people to commute even for their daily tasks. Earlier too, people of Assam have come together to build bridges on rivers and streams using their own money.

This is just another example of citizens taking matters in their hands instead of depending on government help.