While every hospital uses a standard method of diagnosis — you know, the usual needle stabby, blood grabby, etc. this hospital in Rajasthan ensures everyone gets the ‘star treatment’. 

Source: ANI

And by star treatment, we mean literally looking at your astrological charts to determine how your ailments are actually ‘faults in your stars’. 

The ‘Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital’ in Jaipur apparently diagnoses one’s illness by looking at their kundlis.  

One of the doctors at the hospital told ANI,

When a patient comes, he is subjected to astrological evaluation & astrological diagnosis. The medical & astrological diagnoses are then compared. 

Thankfully, however, the astrological bit is only limited to diagnosis and the doctors here stick to science and modern medicine for treatment. Phew!

While the doctors are pretty confident in their 'out of the world' methods, the internet is not exactly 'aligning their stars' with their philosophy.

So do you get treated for cancer or for being a Cancer? Only your stars know.