India and Pakistan as neighbours have always shared a bumpy relationship. But the society and culture on both sides of the border share striking resemblances and these bind the two countries together.

Along with the positive aspects, the position of women and the hypocrisy attached to it, is also common across the border. Addressing the elephant in the room, a Twitter handle, @AuntyPakistan , has been taking on the misogyny in the society.

We still don’t know for sure who is running the show. It could be anyone — a teenaged pimply kid, a man with a vendetta or even a bunch of do-gooders. Whoever they are, wherever they are actually based out of, they have managed to tap into issues faced by desi women in their everyday lives. Sometimes, through a witty remark and on other occasions, in a well-meaning blunt rebuttal.

Aunty recently highlighted the rising acid attacks on Pakistani women.

And pointed out how some women too are a part of the problems faced by females.

The handle also loves pulling up those who frequently hurl sexist abuses.

It also urges people to follow what they preach.

AP also reached out to television dramas, which Indians will surely relate to.

Check out the handle’s take on objectification of women.

… and on the annoying stares.

This Pakistani Aunty asks some relevant questions people seldom think about.

We admire the way the handle nonchalantly slams the so-called custodians of culture.

And sneaks in a few words for the dress-code debate where necessary.

Aunty’s take on slut-shaming.

The account surfaced at a time when Pakistan saw a social media storm after Faisal Qureshi used the female identity as an insult. Actor Mawra Hocane was also recently abused on social media, with calls for banning her, on voicing her opinion.

While Aunty Pakistan is fiercely reflecting upon problems Pakistani women face everyday, it strikes a chord with their Indian counterparts too.

Feature image source: Twitter