The ongoing devastating bush fires in Australia have already burned more than 3.65 million hectares of the country. It has not only destroyed land but is the cause for a lot of destruction in the continent.  

Recently, Mallacoota town in Victoria bore witness to the raging fires as it engulfed the region on Tuesday. Due to these devastating fires, thousands of people evacuated and fled to the beach. 

Ad a result, the sky turned an apocalyptic shade of red due to these wildfires.       

A local who witnessed the sky changing colour added

It was blowing out to a gale for a point and then… it’s pitch black. And then the sky went red. We thought it was a fire front about to run over the top of us. 

Due to the insane fires, a lot of people were asked to jump in the ocean to save themselves from radiant heat. 

[T]hey wanted us to get into the water, get against that [rock] wall. So we were ready to jump in. It’s got oysters and stuff, not the greatest thing to do and everyone was all along the edge, ready to go, and, of course, when, you know, when that sky went red, it looked like what we’ve been looking at when we saw the fire coming. 

-Huffington Post

A lot of people on Twitter reacted to this deadly event. 

An estimated 480 million animals have died in the widespread blaze in Australia.