Guys, I know you have a million things to take care of right now, but I have one very important news.

Porotta is not roti.

It is important, trust me. 

Because intelligent people who take financial decisions for the country, have said that 18% GST will be applied on porotta, as compared to 5% on roti.

Yummy Tummy

No joke, the Authority for Advance Rulings (Karnataka bench) has ruled that those two things don’t fall under the same category and so, I guess we have to accept that they don’t.

Not just this, AAR is apparently ‘angry’ that roti has become an umbrella term that ‘can cover different types of Indian breads’.

Cook With Manali

In its ruling the AAR said:

The products under heading 1905 (rotis) are already prepared or completely cooked products, they are ready-to-use food preparations. On the other hand, porotta need to be heated before consumption. On this ground, AAR held that porotta do not merit classification under heading 1905 and are not covered by Entry 99A.

Now let’s just say Twitter is not impressed by this development.

Who’s starting the revolution?