They say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. 

And, it’s true. Take this instance for example. 

This pani puri vending machine that minimises contact between the seller and the customer has become a huge hit on the internet. 

IAS officer Awanish Sharan posted a video of a pani puri shop in Raipur that dispensed flavoured water automatically. How cool is that!

In the video, a customer is seen using the vending machine to add different flavours of water like garlic, khatta meetha and dhaniya pudina to his puri and in case you still haven’t noticed the name of the stall, it’s called the ‘Touch Me Not Pani Puri’ (so apt).

Also, with social distancing being the new normal, this innovative vending machine might just be the answer to our chaat cravings that we haven’t been able to fulfill, owning to the pandemic.

This amazing jugaad has won praises online. 

Very innovative and thoughtful, indeed!