Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest crisis the world has seen in decades. It has claimed thousands of lives, displaced people from their homes and wrecked economies beyond repair in certain cases.

All in all, it would be an understatement to say that the times are tough and call for the privileged section of the society to help people who are not as fortunate. 

Keeping that in mind, many billionaires across the world have risen to the occasion and donated money. And it’s a matter of pride to know that India’s Azim Premji has made the third biggest contribution in the world.

Business Line

The Wipro founder has donated ₹1000 crore through Azim Premji Foundation, ₹25 crore through Wipro Enterprises and ₹100 crore through Wipro.

He is the only Indian in the list of top-10 biggest donations released by Fortune.

Fortune India

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sits atop the list with a $1 billion donation, which is a quarter of his wealth. 

Meanwhile Melinda Gates and Bill Gates stand second with $255 million.

ABC News

Giving never made anyone poor.