Ever since the pandemic has started, we have seen a barrage of ‘scientific opinions’ from people of all fields. Which can only be termed as unfortunate because most of these suggestions/views don’t make sense.

While others are simply insensitive. 

For instance, in a video, Baba Ramdev stressing how the universe is filled with oxygen and so, he doesn’t understand when people ‘complain’ about the lack of it. His exact words:

Marte hain aise hi. Arey, bhagwaan ne muft mein oxygen de rakhi hai. (People say) oxygen ki kami pad rahi hai…bhagwaan ne saara bramhmand bhar rakha hai oxyegn se…le toh le.

Then he proceeds to point towards his nostrils, saying that people crying about oxygen cylinders, should know that they have two in their bodies.

Bahar cylinder dhoondh rahe hain, tu apne bheetar 2 cylinder laga rakhe hain…”cylinder kam pad gaye”.

Mocking the patients, he ends his ‘speech’ with a comment on how people are “spreading negativity” by saying that there are no beds in the hospitals or space in the crematoriums. 

Now, one would want to tell Baba Ramdev about the way a virus works – and the way the state doesn’t – but it doesn’t seem like he has the intellect or the empathy to understand either, so…

Here are a few reactions on the video.

While the date as to when this ‘live’ show aired is unclear, it is apparently from one of his sessions on channel Aastha, as part of his ‘Yog Gram’ series. 

Seeing as he has uncanny convincing powers, I find it necessary to reiterate that while yoga is very helpful in keeping one’s body healthy, it is not a medical procedure. That means in times of crises, anulom vilom won’t help a patient breathe.

Endless stupidity.