Baba Ramdev thinks Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi - all became Prime Ministers because they practiced yoga. 

Source: News 18

A report by NDTV quoted him as saying that yoga enhances a person's raj yog which basically means they have greater chances of enjoying positions of authority in the future.

Source: Times of India

This has gotten me really excited because by his logic, my mom should be the next PM because she has been practicing yoga for over a decade. 

Baba was promoting Patanjali group's apparel store where he also said that Rahul Gandhi is a yoga enthusiast just like other PMs, which begged the question - does he also stand a chance to become the Prime Minister? 

Source: Financial Express

To this, Baba Ramdev said he didn't mean it that way. *Sorry, mummy*

Meanwhile, Twitter had some really funny reactions to his interesting logic.

How to sell yoga: Lesson 101.