Baba Ramdev thinks Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi – all became Prime Ministers because they practiced yoga. 

News 18

A report by NDTV quoted him as saying that yoga enhances a person’s raj yog which basically means they have greater chances of enjoying positions of authority in the future.

Times of India

This has gotten me really excited because by his logic, my mom should be the next PM because she has been practicing yoga for over a decade. 

Baba was promoting Patanjali group’s apparel store where he also said that Rahul Gandhi is a yoga enthusiast just like other PMs, which begged the question – does he also stand a chance to become the Prime Minister? 

Financial Express

To this, Baba Ramdev said he didn’t mean it that way. *Sorry, mummy*

Meanwhile, Twitter had some really funny reactions to his interesting logic.

How to sell yoga: Lesson 101.