On Sunday, yoga guru Baba Ramdev led a massive crowd numbering an estimated 35,000 people in a celebration of yoga ahead of the International Yoga Day on June 21 at Delhi’s iconic Rajpath.

The event went on for hours and among the many popular figures invited, was musician Kailash Kher.

The ever-so-energetic Baba seemed to be in a particularly good mood. He invited Kher on to the stage and requested him to belt out some of his popular hits. Kher obliged – his band with electric guitars at the ready – beginning with a soulful ‘Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge’ and moving on to a more peppy number like ‘Bam Lahiri’.

That’s when Baba got all excited. 

He unknotted his waist length hair, and proceeded to do jumping jacks

And then attempted a ‘yoga-dance’ move, twisting from side to side 

Kher crooned on, but Baba seemed to have run out of dance steps

But he was having too much fun, and managed with what he knows best 

He was now on a roll

Baba was very pleased with himself, and ended the ‘concert’ with a killer pose