Yoga guru Ramdev on Saturday said he has plans to launch 10,000 Patanjali Wellness and Health Centres globally to popularise yoga. 

The Gujarat government is organising, with Ramdev’s support, a mega event at Ahmedabad’s GMDC ground on Yoga Day to be celebrated on 21 June. The aim of the event is to set a new world record for the highest number of people performing yoga at one place.

b’Baba Ramdev with Yogi Adityanath / Source: PTI’

“We will make yoga popular in the entire world. We will open 10,000 Patanjali Wellness and Health Centres in the world, starting with 1,000 centres in the country in a short time,” Ramdev told reporters. About 1.25 lakh people are expected to participate in the event at GMDC ground, Ramdev said.

The existing record was set in Delhi on 21 June, 2015 when 35,985 people performed yoga in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ramdev said Modi himself had asked him to break this record.

(Feature image source: PTI)