With millions of people infected with COVID-19, the entire world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic right now. While governments are trying to increase awareness among people to prevent the disease, scientists around the world are working towards finding a cure.

Al Jazeera

People in India have also been influenced by superstitions that claim to cure the disease.

Like this baba in Madhya Pradesh, Aslam Baba, who claimed to cure people infected with coronavirus by kissing their hands.


Reports suggest that the ‘baba’ himself succumbed to coronavirus on June 4. After his death, at least 24 people who came in contact with him have been found infected with the virus.

He became quite popular in Ratlam and despite so much awareness around Covid, several people went to him for treatment.

Speaking to NewsD, Nodal Officer Dr. Pramod Prajapati, said:

Surprisingly, despite so much hype about vigilance, some people went to Baba for the virus treatment with blind faith.

He also confirmed that 24 people have been found infected who were in contact with the ‘baba’.

The news has led to outrage on social media.

It is just sad to see people falling prey to superstitious beliefs despite so much information out there.

Please stay informed and safe.

Note: Images used in the article have been updated.