Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, Babulal Gaur has made the latest contribution to a cesspool of sexist and provocative statements that our political leaders seem to house a talent for.

In a state-level event organized by the BJP’s naturopathy cell, Gaur cheerfully recounted a story of a rather distasteful encounter with the wife of a Russian leader.

Source: YouTube

He mentioned that during their conversation, the Russian lady expressed curiosity regarding how he could manage to wear a dhoti without a belt, to this he came up with a reply which not only must have made the woman uncomfortable but also shocked those present at the convention. According to Gaur, he said “I cannot teach you how to wear it (a dhoti), but I can definitely teach you how to remove it, that too later not now.”

Babulal Gaur started off with narrating an incident when he was kissed on the forehead by a Russian woman and how he avoided many others from doing so. He described Russian women as ‘healthy’ and jokingly said BJP wouldn’t have given him a ticket in the first place if a picture of that would have been available today. He followed this up with the ‘Dhoti incident’ which evidently made many in the audience uncomfortable.

When approached by the media, this is how Gaur responded “I said what I had to say”.

In recent times there has been a lot of debate and controversy on the highly negative image of Indian men in and outside India. The behavior of men in India with regards to women from India and abroad has often been a matter for concern.

Isn’t it the responsibility of our leaders to set an example for the people? Is this how an example is set?