Starting from teaching a Russian woman to untie a dhoti, to saying that women in Chennai are safe because of proper dressing, to defining rape as a social crime, this politician has always come up with interesting thoughts. Guess who?

If you said Babulal Gaur, then you’re absolutely right. He has once again created controversy by conveying strong views on alcohol consumption by strongly insisting that it is one’s fundamental right.

Source: The Hindu

“Alcohol does not increase crime. People lose their consciousness after consuming alcohol and that’s how it causes crime. The person who drinks within control does not cause crime,” he said, adding,” one should not overdrink. It is one’s fundamental right. Drinking is a social status symbol these days,” Gaur said.

This comment came after reporters in Bhopal asked for his reaction on extending timings for sale of alcohol.

But this time he has at least made some sense.

NDA government’s ‘Reduce Alcoholism’ drive which aims at tackling health problems should immediately consider Gaur’s comment seriously.

Beef has already been banned in Maharashtra and alcohol in Gujarat, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland, while Kerala is implementing prohibition in a phased manner, which is not the solution to things which affect health and ‘hurt sentiments’.

We do live in a democratic country with the right to freedom, which also includes our right to choose the lifestyle that we want to live as long as nobody else is getting affected.

No matter how much Gaur has drawn flak for his insensitive comments, but for this one he deserves kudos.

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