Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.  

After causing irreparable damage to our planet, the obsession with plastic is now becoming a curse for the various kind of land and sea animals that exist on Earth. 

We’ve seen horrible cases of marine animals dying after consuming plastic and and today, we can add yet another to this unfortunate list. 

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A baby loggerhead sea turtle, found in Boca Raton, Florida, was declared dead shortly after making it to the surface. 

104 pieces of plastic in its stomach was the reason for its death, reports CNN


Emili Mirowski, a sea turtle rehabilitation assistant at The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center examined the baby turtle and told CNN: 

It was weak and emaciated. I could just tell it wasn’t doing well. It was really heartbreaking. But it’s something we’ve seen for several years and we’re just glad people are finally seeing this image and hopefully it’s raising awareness.
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Apparently, the number of similar cases here at this Nature Center have increased in the past due to the presence of plastic everywhere. 

The volunteers have even installed a cooler in front of their building so residents can safely drop injured turtles for rehabilitation. 

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Explaining the core of the problem, Mirowski pointed out the harmful effects of discarding plastic in the oceans. She said: 

The issue is that with all the plastic in the oceans, that’s where the plastic sticks. All the microplastics stick to the seaweed, and it looks like food to the baby turtles.
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To ensure such cases reduce in the near future, humans have to be careful about disposing and using plastic and merely recycling won’t help, claimed the volunteers. 

Every piece of plastic that has been made is still out there and will never go away, a thought that’s really scary but is not affecting us yet, it seems.